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Files available for Download

TRACKMOD.VMARC z/VM 7.2 build 2101 C 2021/06/07 Contains the latest TRACKV72 MODULE for z/VM 7.2 ONLY
TRACKOLD.VMARC prior z/VM builds 2021/06/04 Contains the TRACK modules from z/VM 7.1 upward and before current (modules ONLY)
TRACKASM.VMARC base 2021/06/07 Contains the TRACK ASSEMBLE files for 7.1 base (Assemble files ONLY)
TRACKUPD.VMARC z/VM 7.2 build 2101 C 2021/06/08 Contains all update files to rebuild TRACK for 7.1 and up (you will also want the TRACKASM package)

OTRKMOD.VMARC z/VM 6.4 and prior builds 2021/06/04 Contains the TRACK modules for z/VM 6.4 and earlier (modules ONLY)
OTRKUPD.VMARC z/VM 6.4 and prior 2021/06/04 Contains ALL the files to rebuild TRACK for any level up through z/VM 6.4

TRACKDOC.PDF General 2020/10/26 Track for z/VM User's Guide in PDF form

If you only need the latest executable (MODULE) then download TRACKMOD.VMARC only

If you do not have the VMARC package, you can get the most current copy at IBM's Download page. Download that file, upload to VM in Binary, then enter:


FTP file transfers: VMARC files should be downloaded in BINARY. If you are FTPing to an ASCII system (aka, a Windows PC) first and then uploading to your VM system, be sure to do no data translation (binary or TYPE I).

Browser downloads: Most browsers will download the file in binary automatically. If you are using something other than FireFox, Netscape, or IE be sure to check that the download is set to binary.

From PC to VM: Transfer the downloaded file from your PC to VM in binary using FTP or IND$FILE (3270 emulator). Once transferred to VM, run it through a quick PIPE to fix the format of the VMARC file:

     PIPE < fname VMARC fm | FBLOCK 80 00 | > fname VMARC fm F 80
    (Where "fm" is the file mode you have the VMARC file on)

Getting Started
Create a minidisk or SFS directory to unpack the VMARC contents to. Plan on around 2500 4K blocks for the source and for building the TEXT files and TRACK MODULE. To unpack, enter:

     VMARC UNPK TRACKVnn VMARC fm1 = = fm2
    (Where "fm1" is the file mode where the VMARC is, and "fm2" is the file mode to load the source files to)

Read the README FIRST file! This is a new informational file that will help you build TRACK for your system and start using it.